Tuesday, March 11, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Growing up St. Patrick's day dinner was one of my favorite things! So much yummy food that we only had once a year! My mom always made up Corned beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, and green jello! Of course my favorite memory was our green milk... One year my mom dyed our milk green, and I remember refusing to drink it because I said it tasted bad from the food dye. Well the next year came and I begged for that fun green milk, promising I would drink it this time. Once again I refused to drink it on claims that the food dye made it taste bad. To this day I swear food dye makes milk taste bad, Jared said we should try it this year, but there is no way I'm drinking green milk! When I went grocery shopping I made sure to pick up a few extra corned beefs so we could have them more than just once a year!

So this year I stuck to my mom's tradition and made Corned Beef, New Potatoes, Cabbage, and Green Jello!

I'm going to divide the recipes into different posts to keep them short:

Here is the recipe for the Corned Beef

Here is the recipe for the Cabbage

Here is the recipe for the New Potatoes

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