Friday, March 28, 2014

Recipe Fail

Well I guess I should post about my dinner disaster. I tried out a recipe I saw on The Chew, by Michael Simon. It looked wonderful! Greek yogurt marinated chicken, grilled.

This recipe called for a half chicken. This made me a little concerned because it would be so thick, but the recipe said it would only have to cook 10 minutes on each side. Usually when I grill just a chicken breast I pound it to be a little thinner. So this would be something new to try, but I was really excited.

Now, I must say, my grill isn't the most top notch grill there is on the market, so sometimes it's a little tricky to get the temperature right. I set it on "Medium-high" heat like the recipe said. I put the chicken on and let it grill for 10 minutes. Flipped it over and it had a couple grill makes but the rest was pretty much raw! I couldn't believe it! So I turned it up a little, cooked for the next 10 minutes and flipped it over and it was completely black! So I lowered it just a little and let it grill. No matter what I couldn't get it right. By the end of it I had a burnt chicken that was still a little too pink for my liking.

I was so disappointed!! I really want to give this another try, but I think next time I will buy skin on thighs, or something a little smaller that will cook through a little easier.

So don't give up! I have meals that I have to toss out sometimes. It's okay, just keep cooking, and keep something in the freezer in case of an emergency!

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