Monday, March 3, 2014

Chocolate Banana Milk

This is by far my favorite "dessert". After cutting out cookies and ice cream I have really been craving something sweet. Not to mention Jared has been dragging me to the gym so I needed something that would help my body recover. Two of the best things for you after a work out are, Milk and Bananas. So I decided to put those two things together and see how it tasted. It was like drinking a chocolate malt! I seriously don't miss ice cream anymore! It was so yummy!

16oz of Milk
1 Banana (Make sure it's ripe!!)
Chocolate syrup (This is optional it tastes great without it!)

Put your Milk and Banana in a blender. As it's blending add in some chocolate syrup, just enough until it's light brown, you don't need too much! And that's it! It's so quick and easy to make! So toss out your ice cream and give this a try!

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