Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why should I eat organic??

I'm sure I have said it before that I have never bothered eating organic. It was pricey and seemed out of my way to find organic food. But thanks to Abundant Harvest Organics I have slowly been switching over to organic. We get a box of organic, local produce each week! Plus there is a list of groceries I can add on as extras! It's awesome!!

A few months back I got tons of small potatoes. I used them for several meals but still had a few extras sitting out. I picked them up and they had started sprouting! I decided to toss them in a planter box just as an experiment along with a store bought non organic potato. I completely forgot about them. A month later I remember to look out the window and to my surprise there were huge leaves growing about one foot tall!! So I started researching when to harvest potatoes. I read that when that big green plant dies and turns brown you can dig up your potatoes. I kept an eye on them and they kept growing. Eventually I forgot about them again and went on our Christmas vacation back home. When we got back I was quite busy and kept forgetting to check on them. Finally I glanced out at them and saw the plants were all brown. So expecting nothing I pulled up a plant and to me surprise found a gorgeous potato dangling from the roots!! I kept digging around and found more and more potatoes!

Next I checked my store bought potato.... Nothing had grown from it and it looked all wrinkled and rotten, gross.

I went inside and did some research. Apparently since potatoes are a root vegetable they absorb all the pesticides, herbicides, and all the other chemicals and washing them won't help anything but get the dirt off. Then once they are harvested they are then sprayed again with a solution that prevents sprouting.

This definitely made me rethink what I eat. So even if you can't afford to go 100% all organic, I really do recommend you consider slowly switching over!

Thanks Abundant Harvest!!

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