Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap

Well I will say, I was slightly disappointed in my Thanksgiving meal. The traditional Thanksgiving meal is like the greatest kitchen challenge. How do you cook the Turkey and about 5+ sides and get it timed so perfectly that it all hits the table at once and is still hot?? I do not have the answer. The Thanksgiving for two was way easier because I didn't need stuff done on time since it was just Jared and I, and the Turkey breast has a more reliable cook time that a whole turkey. So here is how my Thanksgiving went....

The Day Before: I was baking all day. I decided to get all desserts out of the way. Of course I'm always worried someone won't like something so I have to have a few options. So I baked chocolate chip cookies, 2 pumpkin pies, and 1 pecan pie. I did give myself a cheat on the pies and bought Pillsbury pie crust. I could not make 3 pie crusts from scratch. Then that night I boiled the potatoes and mashed them and stuck them in the fridge hoping they would be okay reheated.

Thanksgiving Day: After researching turkey roasting all night I had my game plan. I was going with an Alton Brown approach! He had a 15lb bird that he started at 500* to crisp the skin and lock in the juices and then lower it to 350* for about an hour and a half. So his 14lb bird took 2 hours. We were eating at 5, so I planned on putting my bird in the oven at 2ish giving is about an hour just in case. The Turkey had been sitting in my refrigerator since Monday. So right at 2 I unwrapped it and was ready to put it on the roasting rack! Only to find the whole inside was ice. I took the neck and the guts out and scooped all the ice out that I could. I covered it in butter and put it in the oven. The 2 hours had past, the turkey was GORGEOUS. I stuck the meat thermometer in........100* I had a little over 30 minutes to get that bird to 165*. Well as you can imagine that didn't happen. Which of course threw off my timing for the rest of the meal. So everything was cooked and then reheated right before I cut the turkey. We ended up eating an hour late, my turkey took double the time of Alton's turkey.

Bummer. The turkey was fine, everything did taste like reheated food. I was so disappointed in the meal. Of course the guys said it was great, but let's be honest, they are comparing it to chow hall food there wasn't much of a competition there.

But the pies and cookies were good and we all had a fun time hanging out. I guess that's the important part is that we all got to spend time together with friends, but as a food blog, it's hard for me to look past the mediocre food.

Next up, my Leftovers Recipe!!

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