Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Oh the Thanksgiving leftovers. Turkey sandwiches for weeks. I am not a huge sandwich eater, so I get really tired of the whole leftover sandwich thing. So this year I bought cheap tupperware and sent almost all of our leftovers home with the guys. We had the single marines my husband works with over, so it's easy to pawn off leftovers on them since they generally have to eat at the chow hall. We were left with the giant turkey carcass and a few slices of turkey and some veggies and herbs that didn't get used. This is what I did with everything!

I can never let bones go to waste!! So I put the whole turkey carcass in my 21qt stock pot and filled it with water and let it boil for an hour and a half to make a turkey broth. I strained out the bones and saved the broth in separate containers. Next I went back to the bones and started pulling off all the leftover meat. After carving the turkey for dinner I thought I did a brilliant job at getting all the meat off of it, but when you boil a leftover carcass you will be shocked at how much you miss! So I put all the meat into tupperware. Most of the broth and meat went into the freezer for later. Tonight I used my broth and meat to make Turkey and Dumplings! Soups are a perfect way to use up leftovers! I threw in my extra veggies and herbs and made an amazing Turkey and Dumpling soup!

I will say homemade broth needs a bit more seasoning than the boxed stuff because it's not loaded with preservatives and sodium. So the veggies and herbs will help it give lot's of flavor! 

HERE is the recipe for my Chicken and Dumplings. Obviously just put the word "turkey" in wherever you see "chicken." And I added Carrots, Onion, Garlic, Broccoli, Thyme, and Parsley to mine. All the stuff I had leftover from cooking on Thanksgiving! I was actually really surprised at how mild this soup was, I thought it would be turkey overkill, but it ended up working really well!

So how did your Thanksgiving go? Do you have any goto leftover meal ideas??

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