Monday, December 2, 2013


Ever since I got married I have drooled over the Le Creuset dutch ovens. They are gorgeous, but, those range from about $100 - $500, so not exactly in my price range. I have put off getting a dutch oven due to the high price for a while. Finally I stumbled across an add for a $40 dutch oven at Target! It had great reviews.  I went to go get it, and it wasn't in stock! I was so set on getting a dutch oven that I went to one of my favorite places for cookware, Marshalls! Seriously, they have top brands that are super affordable. Of course they had a few Le Creuset dutch ovens, but their 5qt oven was $150, an amazing deal considering you would save over $100 on it, but still not in my price range. After looking at a few others I found it. The most perfect Dutch Oven ever. No it was not Le Creuset.... But it was a LOVELY Cuisinart! You can't go wrong with Cuisinart, they are quite reliable.

Look how beautiful..... This is my new 7.5qt Dutch Oven. It's quite hefty. But I really like this size because I will be able to roast a whole chicken in it or make large batches of stew! Right after I bought it I ran to the commissary for groceries so I could cook in it right away! And ready to hear how much it cost??? $75!! This Dutch Oven usually retails for about $130!

Of course I had to read the whole booklet to my husband I was so excited! It started with Congratulations! Yes, thank you! I am so proud of this lovely piece of cookware, their congratulations was welcomed with open arms!

Did I mention this was actually my Christmas present from my husband?? I caught him playing with his Christmas present (a video game) last week, not only did he use it WAY to early, but he even went out and bought it without me knowing! So I told him I was going to buy my present for myself today.

I just got to try it out tonight, and I can't wait to post the recipe!!

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