Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Ruched Tree Skirt

I think decorating for Christmas is a blast! But it wasn't until I had to go out and buy my own decorations that I realized how expensive it was! It is ridiculous! Not to mention, with my husband being in the military we won't be spending Christmas here so it seemed pointless spending so much money if we wouldn't even be here to enjoy it the whole time. So I had to figure out what decorations I could make myself and not drop a ton of money on. I went to Target to look for a cute tree skirt. They had lots of cute ones! Except they were all $30+....ummm no thanks. So instead I went to the home good section and found a 70in red tablecloth for $15! Perfect! So here is how I turned it into a cute scalloped, ruched, tree skirt!

Before I start I will admit the instructions will sound a little difficult, but once you get all the supplies and do it yourself you will see how easy it actually is! I have tried my best to simplify the instructions so they are easy to understand, but if they ever seem confusing or you need help, just comment and I will make sure to reply!

1 - 70" Round Tablecloth
Red Embroidery Thread (a few bundles of it)
Needle with a large eye

First: Fold the Tablecloth into 1/8s. 

Next take something round and use it to draw a curved line on the top (for the whole where the tree trunk will go). Then mark the creases on each side of the triangle.

Next lay the tablecloth out on the floor (with the underside up), lay your ruler at each mark and make dashes every 1 1/2 inch apart. I did 8 dashes, but depending on how small your tree is you might want to do a couple more. To check mark every spot with the dashes and pull the bottom up to the top dash, that will give you an idea of the size, if you think it will need to be small add a couple more dashes in, if it needs to be bigger, don't use as many dashes.

Next take your embroidery thread and thread your needle and tie off the end. Star stitching down through the top and coming back up and threading it through you the loop at the top of your thread (confusing I know, look at the picture, hopefully that helps).

I didn't pull the thread all the way through so that I could thread my needle through it before tightening it, this will make a knot and secure the thread so it doesn't pull through the fabric.

After that just stitch up and down at the dashes.

Make sure you always end with your needle and thread on top, so when you flip it over in the end, the knots will be on the underside and you won't see them.

Pull the string and start to gather the fabric.

Then stitch through all the fold and then back again and tie it off. Make sure you tie a big secure knot so it doesn't pull through.

Continue doing this until the last one! at the last one, draw a straight line all the way up to the middle through the dash marks. 

Please excuse my dog, she doesn't
understand personal space.
Cut along the line. Then do the stitching on each side of the line. 

And you are all done! I like the frayed edges of where I cut the fabric, but if you don't feel free to hem it down, or just go get your handy glue gun and glue it down. 

If I wasn't taking pictures of every step and pushing my dogs out of my way this would have been an easy 30 minute project! Again, the instructions sound a bit difficult, but I think once you lay it all out you will see how simple it really is! 

Merry Christmas, Hopefully I'll post about our stockings next! But I have to dig them out of a box first....

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