Friday, November 8, 2013

Let's Talk Appliances!

Since Jared is out in the field for training, I haven't been cooking. Cooking for one just isn't as much fun, not to mention I'm stuck with leftovers that I usually don't finish. So my life right now is full of ramen, corn dogs, and other terrible frozen foods.

Anyways, as a proud blogger, I feel like I should still be posting something useful for all my wonderful readers. After much thought I decided I would make a post of all the appliances in my kitchen that I just can't live without! (Girls about to get married, you might want to save this for when you make a registry!)

Jared did have a fun time scanning stuff! 

I started with a cheap and easy set of Rachel Ray non-stick cookware. It came with 10 pieces, which was plenty for starting out! Not to mention, if you get it from you can pick your color! I got her traditional orange!

Two cookware "extras" that I absolutely love, are my grill top pan and my cast iron skillets!!

The grill top pan is awesome for when you only want to cook a couple things like a grill, but you don't feel like going out and messing with the grill. Or, if you don't have a grill, this is a great solution!

I am in love with my cast iron skillet!! Jared got them for me for my birthday, I was beyond excited! They can be more difficult to clean since they aren't non-stick, but you can't beat the taste of food made in a cast iron skillet! Cast iron will last way long than other pans. Yes you do have to maintain it a little, but it's as easy as just rubbing some oil on it when you are done using it.

Baking Pans:
All my baking pans are from USA Pans. I don't think I could go with another brand. They are made with the features of industrial baking pans, they have a silicone coating so they are non-stick, and they are fluted which prevents the pans from warping. Not to mention it's really affordable, so you won't break the bank!

Get a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Yes, it is expensive. But it is completely worth it. For Christmas this year I have a few "add-ons" for my stand mixer.

Cutting Boards:
I feel like I have tried a million different cutting boards. I bought myself a really nice bamboo cutting board that the lady at Bed, Bath, and Beyond raved about. It was so pretty that I thought it would be the best thing ever! False. I really do not like my bamboo cutting board at all. The only think I use it for, is when we have people over and I need a large surface to serve the meat on. Yes it looks cool, but I don't ever use it al my cutting board. You have to wash it and then dry it right away. Not to mention if you don't maintain it properly the wood will start to splinter which will cause bacteria to grow in the small crevasses. Wood cutting boards are just a hassle to me. I use so many cutting boards for sanitary purposes that I don't feel like taking the time to care for a million wood cutting boards.

So, what cutting board do I recommend?? Plastic! Yup, nothing fancy. In Fact Ikea has my favorite cutting boards EVER. They have flexible cutting boards, great for chopping veggies and folding it to dump them into the pot you are cooking with. They also have hard plastic which I use for cutting meat. The hard plastic is dishwasher safe, so give it a good rinse and let the dishwasher do the rest! They are lifesavers! One thing you have to watch on plastic cutting boards is how much they wear out. If they start getting "fury" from cutting on them too much, throw it out. They nice thing is, plastic cutting boards are CHEAP, so throwing them out and replacing them is easy. But they last a long time, so you won't have to worry about replacing them for quite some time.

Looking back, yes I would still get that dumb bamboo cutting board, but only as a serving tool. Go plastic, easy to wash and cheap enough to replace when needed.

Rice Maker:
I have always rolled my eyes and turned my nose up at rice makers. Just boil some water in a pot and make it yourself! Don't take up extra room in your cabinets! That is until I was visiting my friend and she showed me her rice maker. I have never seen something so magical. Perfect rice every time and you don't have to check to make sure your rice isn't burning every 5 seconds??? I was sold. GET A RICE MAKER! You won't regret it. I'm all for making stuff yourself, but this saves me so much time. Just throw in the rice and water and forget about it!


Those are pretty much all of the basics. If you have any questions to help with your registry, feel free to comment and ask!! I registered for so much stuff I realized I didn't need because the lady talked me into it. Go with a friend who has been married and knows what you might need and not need.

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