Monday, November 4, 2013

El Indio

I love watching Food Network. It's my favorite channel! I can sit and watch food shows all day. One of my personal favorites on Food Network is, Diners Drive-ins and Dives, with Guy Fieri! As much as I love getting dressed up and sitting down for a nice dinner, I love good, fast food. Since we live in San Diego, a lot of the highlighted diners he goes to are right by me! So while my mom and aunt were in town we went out to try a few, our first stop was El Indio!

The restaurant itself has a really fun atmosphere. When you walk up to order, you look right into their kitchen and see all their fresh ingredients! Since 1940 El Indio has been making their delicious Mexican food. Their tortillas are fresh made everyday! Their big claim to fame, "being the birth place of Taquitos!" 

So how do you come to a place like this with so many amazing dishes and just pick one??

You don't! Since I had my mom and my aunt with me, we made sure to all order different things and try everything! And trust me, there is plenty of food on each plate to share! 

We ordered a bag of their fresh made Chips, Salsa, Mordiditas, Tamales, and a California Burrito! 

The California Burrito was loaded with cheese! Like usual their California was stuffed with cheese, carne asada, and french fries. Delicious! I couldn't finish the whole burrito if my life depended on it!

Their Tamale (of course fresh made) was quite yummy also! It was a little light on the meat, but it still tasted wonderful!

And as suggested by a server, their signature Mordiditas! These were my favorite. Little Taquitos smothered in nacho cheese! Does it get any better than that??

To say the least we were stuffed! I washed all of this down with a nice glass of Horchada! I suggest going on a nice day so you can sit outside and enjoy your food. San Diego friends, I hope you stop by and check them out! Really nice people and amazing food! 


  1. i LOVE diners, drive-ins, and dives! i can seriously watch it for hours! there is a burger joint close to my sister's college called Triple X that was on the show, but i haven't been there yet. i'm totally jealous of all the delicious looking mexican food you got.. it's my favorite type of food! [:
    Nicole @ A Peek Into New Chapters

    1. It's such a perfect show! I actually ended up keeping a list of all the different restaurants so if we ever travel somewhere I can remember where to eat!