Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Easy DIY Cleaning Spray

As much as I love the idea of using chemical free cleaning products, I just really like the smell of chemicals. Nothing will beat the smell of my Swiffer, or my awesome Pledge Multi-Surface spray. This week I helped clean my friend's house since she was moving and it was heavenly! So many cleaning products all at once, it was awesome. I have always heard about cleaning with vinegar and water, but that does not smell good to me at all.

Recently, when I was cleaning, I found something sticky on my wood coffee table, that the dusting spray just wasn't getting up. I had no idea what to do. I was a little afraid to try my other chemical sprays because I didn't want to ruin the finish. So what do I do when I have no idea how to clean something?? I go to the one source thats better than google, my mom. She gave me an awesome DIY spray solution to use that would clean, polish, and it wouldn't smell bad! After doing a little more research of the different type of vinegars I tweaked it just a bit and came up with this Easy DIY Cleaning Spray.

Olive Oil
Lemon Juice
Pickling Vinegar

The recipe is so simple 1 part of each! So depending on how much you want to make just adjust for that. This time I did 1/3 cup of each. The oil tends to separate of course so you have to shake it before you use it and maybe a couple times while using it. My mom originally used white vinegar, which you can do but I like using pickling vinegar because it has a higher acidity, and will clean stuff up a little better.

I got a nice spray bottle from Target.

I use this for all my wood furniture and I also used it on glass and it actually did pretty well!

This made a little over a cup (9oz to be exact) of cleaning solution, which cost me $1.40 to make. A 14oz can of Pledge will cost about $7. So this DIY Cleaning Spray will even save you quite a bit! I must say even though I love the smell of my chemicals, I love to save money even more! Thanks for the help mom!!

I wish you could see the before & after
better, but my lighting is horrible!

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