Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Pho Adventure

If you asked me what my favorite food was I would have no idea... I just love food. But, one of my favorites is Vietnamese Pho! Such an amazing soup! 

I did some research about Pho and it has such a history! Apparently in Vietnam it's more typically sold from street vendors. It's probably a good thing it's not sold like that here or else I would be eating WAY too much. If I read everything correctly, typically Pho broth is made by boiling not only beef, but the beef "extras." Yes, it might seem a bit gross to some people, but how great is it that this is a meal where no part goes to waste?? 

I have tried a couple times to make my own Pho, but I probably take too many short cuts and it never tastes quite right. It's always close, but just never the same... 

It always looks pretty good, but the taste isn't there. I tried some Lettuce Wraps as well and that pretty much bombed. So yes, this was a failure of a meal. 

Back in St. Louis my aunt and I love to go to Pho. I'm sure the restauraunts we go to are pretty "Americanized" but they are soooo yummy!

Now that I live in California I was set on finding some good Pho out here. I was at our grocery store and the cashier told me that I live in a huge Vietnamese community and there are TONS of good Pho places!! I was beyond thrilled. So I went out and tried "Pho House." 

Pho House was a little hole in the wall restaurant, which is always really exciting to me because they tend to have the best food. I kept it simple and ordered the Pho Tai, just the typical noodles and beef. But my friend ordered something even better. I wish I remembered the name, but his came with everything! The beef, tendons, and tripe! Thanks to all the cooking shows I watch I have always heard about tripe (the animal stomach), but have never gotten the chance to try it! 

Mine was phenomenal! Unfortunately we had ordered appetizers so I couldn't eat all my soup, but I already can't wait to go back! 

Our friend was awesome and gave me some of the tripe to try! It tastes just like the broth but its a bit chewy. It looks a bit weird, but next time I will for sure be getting the "fully loaded" Pho and not my lame beef only Pho. 

And just for a second can I talk about how big their Thai Basil was?? I have never seen Thai Basil that big!! 

I was in heaven. I have missed Pho so much since I have moved out here. When I took Jared to Pho in St. Louis he wasn't a fan so I was bummed we wouldn't go much. But when we went he found a chicken dish that he loved! That means we will get to go back and make it a regular stop!! 

So I really encourage you all to go out and try not only Pho, but Vietnamese food! Such amazing food with great taste! 

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