Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I guess since I like to post about all the successful meals I have made I should also post about my not so successful food moments.

Today I friend was texting me asking about how I make cheesecake. I pride myself over my cheesecake! It's one of my favorite recipes! So since she was making one I checked my fridge and realized I had all the ingredients for a cheesecake!

Now, as I have written about in a few other posts back in St. Louis I always had an electric stove and oven, and now that I have moved here I have a gas stove and oven. It has not been an easy transition. Plenty of burned food. I have officially mastered my stovetop, but the oven is still a mystery to me! It cooks way too hot and I can't ever get the temperature right! Everything I try and bake is either under cooked, or burnt! So I stay away from baking, but I was really motivated to make this cheesecake!

I got everything together, the batter was heavenly and I put it in the oven. Right away I could tell it wasn't baking right... Usually after 15 minutes the top get lovely golden brown, but this time the top got dark freckles!! I let it bake a little longer and finally turned the temperature down according to my recipe. Then the top started getting too brown! So like I have done in the past I put a piece of aluminum foil over the top to keep it from getting too dark. I checked it a little while later and it had risen so tall it was sticking to the aluminum!! It has never done that before! So I took that off and kept baking it.

With 10 minutes left the side were tall but the middle was sinking in.... I baked it a little longer to make sure it was baked through.

It was hideous. My BIGGEST food pet peeve, ugly food. I understand something can taste good even if it doesn't look good, but I just despise ugly food. I tasted it and honestly it did taste fine.

My husband came home and saw I made his favorite dessert. Of course being a guy he was not put off by the abomination and refused to let me throw it out.

I got passed him and dumped it in the trash.

Some might think that was completely ridiculous of me, but honestly looking at that horrific cake was just defeating. It was my oven's way of laughing at me. I will try again! I have to adjust the temperature a bit and get a light silver pan instead of my dark one.

So oven, you win this time, but I will defeat you eventually!!

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