Sunday, June 16, 2013

Grilled Ribeye & Veggies

When I got our grill I was so excited I grilled every single night for a week straight. I kid you not. I quickly learned not all cuts of steak are meant for the grill. I didn't know anything about grilling steak so I would just buy the cheapest steak throw it on the grill and end up with a piece of jerky.I was determined to figure it out. So I went to the lovely internet. I found that a Ribeye is one of the best steaks for grilling! That might be something everyone knows already, but I didn't. Apparently you want something with a lot of fat marbling so that it doesn't dry out on the grill. So I picked out my lovely Ribeyes and was excited to put them to the test!

Ribeye steak
Olive oil
Sea Salt
Fresh ground pepper
 (okay maybe regular salt and pepper works just as well, but I wanted to use the best for these steaks so I could get my money's worth!)

Grilled Veggies:
Olive Oil
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp dried basil

First go warm your grill up! You want to set it on high so it gets really hot! Prep your steak, rub each side with a generous amount of the olive oil, salt and pepper. Set those aside (not in your refrigerator) and prep your veggies. Take the zucchini and cut them in about 3/4 inch thick rounds. For the eggplant quarter it and then cut those into 3/4 thick pieces. Take a large bowl and toss them in olive oil until they are coated, salt, garlic powder, and the dried basil and place them on skewers. Take everything out to the grill. Take a paper towel with some olive oil on it and rub it on the grates (USE TONGS!!) the flames with come up and you really don't want to burn yourself. First place the steaks on the hottest part of the grill and set your timer for 5 minutes. Then place your veggies on. Keep the lid up the whole time and keep an eye on the steaks.

If any flames get out of control just slide them over until they die down. After five minutes flip them and set your timer for another 5 minutes. Flip the veggies as well, if they look like they are getting a little burnt move them to a cooler part of the grill.

After the 5 minutes are up, take the steaks off and let them rest for 5 minutes. THAT PART REALLY DOES MATTER! If you slice the steak right away all the juices will run out and your steak will be dry. Let them rest so the juices redistribute through the meat.  I left my veggies on the warming rack of the grill while the steaks rested and then took them off when we were ready to eat.

I topped my steak with some Chimichurri sauce (Recipe -HERE-) and it was delicious! I conquered grilling a steak! So if I can do it, I know anyone can!

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