Thursday, June 13, 2013

Freezer Trick

So lately I have been buying fresh fruits and veggies and freezing them. It helps me save time when making dinner, it's cheaper than buying prefrozen veggies, and I think it tastes better!

I made a post a while ago showing how I cook Fresh Green Beans and at the end I talked about how I freeze them. You can read that article -here-.

So recently I decided to freeze fruit since some of my favorite fruits are in season! Also, I love having fresh fruit cut ahead of time so my husband can just grab a bag and take it to work.

This week I experimented with freezing avocado. I mash it into guacamole with some lime juice and then put in a baggie.

When I tried putting the avocado into a baggie it was a MESS! I got avocado all over the bag and my counter top. So I came up with this idea! Take a bag and put it into a mason jar (or cup) and fold the top of the bag around the rim. This way you can scoop your avocado into the bag easily without getting everything all messy.

TA-DA!! So easy! I'm sure other people have thought of this but it was so helpful!

I use this for fruit as well. It keeps the bag open for my and my mason jar hold the perfect portions!

So, simple little trick, I hope this helps you all! 

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