Sunday, June 16, 2013

Easy Grilled Pizza

As you all can tell I love to cook, but there are some things I don't like making. For example pizza dough. I feel like it takes FOREVER and you have to measure everything so perfectly, and then it has to rise. UGH. No thank you. One problem though, I LOVE grilled pizza. So for months I have been craving a grilled pizza, but avoiding it because I just didn't want to put in the time and effort of pizza dough. But tonight I decided to find a good cheap pre-made pizza dough that could make this happen!

I'm happy to say, that if you want to try a grilled pizza, you don't have to make dough from scratch!

I used Pillsbury Pizza Crust, Thin Crust! I was quite shocked at not only how well it turned out, but also how good it tasted!

Now I need to be honest. At first I couldn't remember how my mom would transfer the dough to the grill and I ended up throwing out two rolls of the dough. Yikes. But this is why you all have my blog, so that you don't go through several rolls of pizza dough. 

Pillsbury Pizza Crust, Thin Crust (Maybe a couple just in case you mess up like I did...)
Pizza Sauce (I just use Prego)
Olive Oil

Toppings - Now for this you can really do anything, traditional pizza, or maybe a caprese pizza? But I will post the toppings I used.

Kalamata Olives
1 jar of Artichoke Hearts
1 Shallot sliced
Cheese - I love to use Feta, but my husband likes goat cheese better, so I use both.

Let's get started! First chop up all your ingredients and have them ready. The goat cheese is very VERY soft, so it will just be more like chunks.

Next turn your grill on about medium-low (MAKE SURE IT'S CLEAN!) and brush some olive oil on the grate (watch out for flames!). Take a cookie sheet and flip it upside down, and brush oil all over the bottom of it. Unroll your dough onto the cookie sheet and then brush oil all over the top of the dough (Don't be afraid to use a lot of oil, you don't want it to stick to the grill).

Now the tricky part, take the cookie sheet and flip the dough onto the grill and just let it set for a few seconds with the cookie sheet still on top, so the dough should stick just enough to the grill so you can lift the cookie sheet off without pulling the dough up. You might have to readjust the dough a little after lifting up the cookie sheet and that's okay, this dough won't stay in a perfect shape so don't worry!

Now you might want to keep two spatulas and a pair of tongs on hand to flip it. Check the bottom every minute of so until it is a light golden brown and then flip it. Make sure to loosen all the edges before you flip it so it doesn't tear. Just run a spatula underneath it. I think I only had one corner that really stuck.

Time to get quick! The rest of it will coke in just a couple of minutes so try and put your toppings on fast. That's why it's a good idea to have them right by your side and start saucing, and topping right after you flip it.

Once all the toppings are on close the grill for about a minute and a half just so the toppings warm and the cheese gets melty.

Now the daunting task of getting the pizza off the grill without losing your beloved toppings!! (YOU CAN DO IT!) Have your cookie sheet ready (this time right side up) and just use the tongs and spatula to gab it and slide it straight from the grill to the cookie sheet. Holding the cookie level to the grill top will help with the transition. You might need a second set of hands to just help hold the cookie sheet for you.

Now all you have to do is cut it and enjoy! I recommend root beer for your drink, it was quite refreshing!

This whole thing might seem a bit much, but it goes quick and once you try it you will see how easy it is!

I really how you all try this, its so simple and is an awesome summer meal! And thanks Pillsbury for a great Pizza Crust!!

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