Thursday, April 11, 2013

Magic Chicken

This was named by Jared. One night I cooked this big meal and he came in and said he was sorry but he wasn't feeling well so he might not eat. I was a little frustrated but whatever I would just make him reheat it the next day. So he sat down at the table with my while I ate, and he decided to try a piece. He ended up eating TONS, and he says it "cured" him. So that's how he came up with the name Magic Chicken. Probably his favorite meal I make. What's even better is that this was a total fluke, I messed up a recipe big time and so I just scratched it and came up with this!

Note: This is not a very healthy meal.....probably why it tastes so good...

2-3 Chicken Breasts
1 packet of dry Italian dressing
1 stick of butter
sliced Provolone cheese

Yes, one whole stick of butter, like I said not very healthy.... Anyways, you could always use just half the pack of Italian dressing and a half stick of butter if you want to cut back on the butter. I personally love butter, so I don't. 

Let's get started!

First trim the chicken. I cut the fat off of it and then I cut it into smaller pieces just so that they aren't so thick and they will cook faster. I'm posting a picture so you can kind of see where I cut.

Just trim it so that they breasts aren't so thick, trust me it will cut down your cooking time, and it helps avoid pink chicken which is a big "no no."

Next melt the butter and mix it with the dry dressing in a large mixing bowl. Place your chicken in with the dressing, and try and cover the chicken with it as best as you can.

Since the chicken is cold you might notice the dressing to harden on it, that is okay! Next place a large pan on medium heat and once it is hot, place the chicken in the pan.

Use a spoon to get any of the extra dressing out of the bowl and smear it on the chicken.

Flip the chicken over once they are nice and golden brown! I should have timed how long mine took but I got distracted and forgot, sorry! Anyways, just the underside and once that is golden brown, cut into the thickest part of the chicken to check for pink. If it's all white then you have the all clear to add on your cheese!

Turn your heat on low then add cheese to the top and then cover with a lid so that the steam melts the cheese. Once it is all melted you are ready to serve!

Usually I make green beans (that you can find HERE) or something healthy with this, but I just made stuffing this time around. Again, unhealthy but so delicious!!

I hope this Chicken ends up being magic for you too! Enjoy!

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